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At Custom Homes and Renovations LLC, we believe a deck is more than just an extension. It’s where memories are made, sunsets are cherished, and relaxation is a daily ritual. Dive into our craftsmanship.

Expert Deck Builders in Charleston, SC

Decks are a reflection of our lifestyle and passion in Charleston, SC. As experienced deck builders, we understand the art of blending functionality with aesthetics. Whether you imagine a serene spot for meditation, a lively area for BBQs, or a space that merges seamlessly with nature, our deck services ensure it materializes perfectly. With expertise in deck installation and design, we craft spaces that resonate with your dreams.


A Deck Beyond Just Wood and Nails

The true essence of a deck lies in its ability to become an extension of your personality. Our deck installers don’t just lay planks; they create stories. Offering resilience against the elements and ensuring longevity, every board, nail, and design choice is made to cater to your desires. Witness an outdoor transformation that goes beyond mere construction to a lifestyle elevation.

Charleston, SC’s Legacy in Deck Mastery

In Charleston, SC, Custom Homes and Renovations, LLC carries a legacy of deck perfection. For years, we’ve transformed outdoor spaces into arenas of joy, relaxation, and beauty. Our commitment? Ensuring each deck stands as a testament to our dedication, precision, and the trust family’s place in us. Your outdoor dream, crafted with love and expertise.

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