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At Custom Homes and Renovations LLC, we believe your home’s exterior speaks volumes. Siding isn’t just aesthetic—it’s your home’s shield. Our siding services protect against weather, affects, and intrusive elements.

Siding Contractor in Charleston, SC: Beyond Expectations

Being a premier siding contractor in Charleston, SC doesn’t just mean installing protective layers; it means transforming homes. We cater to the discerning homeowner who values both aesthetics and functionality. With a selection of top-notch siding services, siding replacement company expertise, and seasoned siding installers, we guarantee a facade that’s not just beautiful but resilient. Let our siding company redefine the exterior of your Charleston, SC home.


Defending Homes, One Siding at a Time

Have you noticed your siding looking aged or damaged? We have the solution. Our expertise extends from installation to replacement, ensuring every home stands tall against the elements. With a focus on durability and design, we craft exteriors that enhance curb appeal and provide unmatched protection. It’s not just siding; it’s a commitment to quality and longevity.

Facade Transformation for Charleston, SC

In the heart of Charleston, SC, Custom Homes and Renovations, LLC stands as a testament to superior siding craftsmanship. Whether it’s your family home or an investment property, our siding services add both charm and value. As your local siding company, we take pride in every plank, ensuring your home’s exterior not only impresses, but lasts.

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